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Cemetery Lettering & On Site Lettering

Each cemetery lettering inscription is priced individually depending on the style, font and cut of the existing lettering already on the memorial.  There is a setup cost as well as a per digit charge in determining the price of your additional lettering.  After giving us your order on additional lettering, we locate the memorial in the cemetery, take photos when needed and take a rubbing of the stone for exact sizes.  After this has been done we mail a contract for you to verify correct spelling and layout.  Your Signature and Payment is needed before any lettering is completed.


Here you see
Kyle Shattuck working on a family memorial at Evergreen Cemetery. The Staff at Hathaway Memorials strive to make sure that the engravings match and duplicate the existing engravings. The depth and accuracy of centering the inscription are just some of the details that we make sure are perfect and to your specifications.
Here you see Tom Hathaway working on a boulder in the woods for Leominster Land Trust.


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