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Our Commitment To You

  • Caring Service
  • First Class Workmanship
  • Quality Materials
  • Superb Artistry
You are assured of:

The highest quality material available:

Our granite will not succumb to weather or
airborne pollutants that compromise lesser stone.

The Strongest guarantee in the business:

Our stone is guaranteed forever. It will not discolor, crack or split, nor will the lettering ever become unreadable. Both the cutting of the stone and the integrity of the setting are also guaranteed. Unconditional repair and replacement guarantees assure permanent quality of appearance.

Every last detail is gone over and reviewed to assure that your requests are fulfilled.


Crafted by those who care!

There is simply no finer craftsmanship of its kind in the world.
Run your hand across one of our memorials and you will feel the quality immediately. In the deeply cut and precise lettering. In the finely detailed and shaped carvings. Our staff of skilled sculptors make sure that every word and symbol is shaped artistically and cut deeply enough to outlast the passing years.


Then, every memorial we create is etched with our seal, so that you can be sure you have selected the very best.
So well known is our craftsmanship that many of our purchasers are people buying their own memorials in advance. That way they can be sure they have chosen the right memorial, without burdening those who are left behind.


Here you see
Kyle Shattuck working on a family memorial at Evergreen Cemetery. The Staff at Hathaway Memorials strive to make sure that the engravings match and duplicate the existing engravings. The depth and accuracy of centering the inscription are just some of the details that we make sure are perfect and to your specifications.

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