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Private Mausoleums

When you choose to have Rock of Ages and Hathaway Memorials create a custom designed Private Mausoleum, you will find our entire staff ready to contribute with every step of the process. Our mausoleum experts will consult with you regarding your needs and preferences. Our experienced designers will develop plans which reflect your wishes both in basic architecture and in decorative aspects.

As with every product Rock of Ages makes, our Private Mausoleums are guaranteed in perpetuity - a warranty that is the strongest anywhere. Structural elements are made of select Barre granite, while other elements such as bronze doors and stained-glass windows can be custom designed to insure permanence and lasting beauty.
Together, these qualities combine to make Rock of Ages and Hathaway Memorials the most respected builder of individual and family mausoleums in the country. Your memorial is the most permanent thing you will every purchase. Why should it be less than Rock of Ages?

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Installing the Digeronimo Family Mausoleum at St. Bernard's Cemetery, Fitchburg, MA

The Couture Family Mausoleum at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Fitchburg, MA Columbariums at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Fitchburg, MA


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